Brinson, Jennifer (EC)
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I am Jennifer Brinson


I have been in the school system for eight and a half years; six of those years were with Exceptional Children K-4 and two and a half of those years in a multi-age program, Kindergarten/First and First/Second.
I am a mother of two sensational, exceptional sons, 12 and 11. One whom is an exceptional student in the AIG program. He has been in this program since elementary. He also was in the multi-age program. The other whom is an exceptional student that is a part of the County Autism program. He has been a part of this program since it began. Exceptional children have tendencies in various areas that are significantly above the norm of typical children, gifted, or below the norm of typical children, requiring a special need in some area. In many cases it could be both; the child can be extraordinarily gifted, sometimes in a specific area or just overall gifted but also require a special need. I love children and I have a passion for exceptional children both personally and professionally. I love my EC team and I am excited each day I walk into my classroom. I believe children are the most important things we hold ownership of and I thank you for sharing them with me.  We hold a partnership in their learning and any questions or concerns you have I am available to you. I am excited about seeing my students learn and grow and I want to thank you for the privilege.



Nuts! Nuts! Nuts! sea-salt (cashews, walnuts,pistachios, pecans, mixed nuts, peanuts)

Restaurants: any

Colors: any

Drinks: peach soda, strawberry soda, water, fruit juices, pineapple orange banana juice

Candy: Snickers, Reese’s, Kit-Kat,Chocolate-covered almonds, Chocolate-covered raisins, Chocolate-covered cashews, Chocolate-covered peanuts, almond Hershey’s (bars or kisses), Skittles, Starburst

Stores: Bath and Body Works, Old Navy, Belk, Maurice’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, The Learning Center, Teachers Pay Teachers, Target, Walmart

Gift cards!! Gift cards!! Gift cards!!