Mrs. Bucher’s Favorite Idioms



1.) A blessing in disguise

Something good that isn’t recognized at first.

2.) A chip on your/my shoulder

Being upset about something that happened in the past.

Acting to good for others.

3.) A dime a dozen

Anything that is common or easy to get.

4.) A doubting Thomas

A skeptic who needs physical or personal evidence in order to believe something.

5.) A piece of cake

A task that is easy to do or complete

6.) A slap on the(my) wrist

A very mild punishment

7.) Actions speak louder than words

It is better to actually do something than just talk about it.

8.) All in the same boat

When everyone is facing the same challenges

9.) A taste of your own medicine

When you are mistreated the same way you mistreated others.

10.) A drop of a hat

Willing to do something immediately…quickly

11.) Bend over backward

Do whatever it takes to help

12.) Bite your/my tongue

To avoid talking

13.) Break a leg

Good Luck!

14.) Close…but no cigar.

To be very close and almost complete a goal---but still fall short.

15.) Crack me up

To make someone laugh—usually really hard.

16.) Cross my fingers

Hope something happens the way you want it to happen.

17.) Cry wolf

Intentionally (on purpose) raise a false alarm.

18.) Curiosity killed the cat

Being too curious can lead you into a dangerous situation

19.) Cut to the chase

Leave out unnecessary details and get right to the point.

20.) Drastic times calls for drastic measures

When you are extremely worried you need to take extremely desperate actions.

21.) Down to the wire

Something that ends at the last minute or last few seconds

22.) Dry run

A practice/rehearsal

23.) Every cloud has a silver lining

Be hopeful/optimistic, even difficult times lead to better days.

24.) Everything but the kitchen sink

Take or include everything and anything

25.) Feeding Frenzy

Aggressive attack on someone by a group

26.) Field Day

A fun/enjoyable day or circumstance

27.) Find your feet

Becoming comfortable

28.) Finger lickin’ good

Really tasty good!

29.) Foaming at the mouth

Really angry

30.) Old Fuddy-Duddy

Old acting person---not much fun

31.) Full Monty


32.) Funny Farm

Crazy house/mental hospital

33.) Got up on the wrong side of the bed

Bad start to the day

34.) Go the extra mile

Going above and beyond---giving it your all

35.) Gut feeling

Funny feeling that something is going to happen or it not right

36.) Great minds think alike

Intelligent minds think the same way

37.) He lost his mind

Went crazy or got really mad about something

38.) High Five!

Celebrating gesture

39.) High on the hog

Living it up in a luxurious style

40.) Hit the hay or Hit the sack

Go to bed/sleep

41.) Hold your horses

Be patient/get calm

42.) Icing on the Cake

When you already have it good and you get something else that is good.

43.) In the bag

I will get it…I understand it…or I will win it

44.) Joshing me

Teasing me

45.) Keep an eye on him/her

To watch them carefully

46.) Keep your chin up

To remain hopeful in a tough situation

47.) Kick the Bucket

Drop dead/die

48.) Knock on wood

Gesture for good luck

49.) Know the ropes

Understand the rules/details

50.) Let bygones be bygones

To forget about past arguments between on another.

51.) Let sleeping dogs lie

To avoid restarting an argument/problem/conflict

52.) Like a chicken with its head cut off

Runny around in a frenzied, crazy manner

53.) Mum’s the word

Keep quiet and not say anything

54.) New kid on the block

Not familiar with the surroundings/new to a group

55.) A New York Minute

Time flies quickly

56.) On pins and needles

Painfully nervous

57.) Butterflies in my stomach

Nervous/upset stomach

58.) Out of the blue

From nowhere/something said or done unexpectedly

59.) Pick up your ears

Listen carefully

60.) Pig out

Eat a lot

61.) Pipe Down

Get quiet

62.) Pulling my leg

Playing a trick on me

63.) Put a sock in it

Telling a person/group to be quiet

64.) None of your bees wax

Mind your own business

65.) Rome was not built in a day

It takes time to complete/master something

66.) Run out of steam

No energy left…exhausted

67.) Saved by the bell

Saved at the last possible moment

68.) Scapegoat

Someone gets the blame or takes the blame

69.) Sick as a dog

Very sick

70.) Smell a rat

To detect someone who is not trustworthy or may betray others.

71.) The best of both worlds

You have 2 good choices to decide on and you already are in a great position having good choices.

72.) Third time is a charm

When the first couple of times things do not go well… the third time it will go well/be lucky

73.) Till the cows come home

A VERY long time

74.) Under the weather

Not feeling well

75.) Use your noodle

Use your brain…make a good decision/think hard to figure out what is needed

76.) In a pickle

In big trouble

77.) Back to the drawing board

Try again

78.) Don’t cry over spilt milk

Don’t complain about a loss from the past

79.) Don’t count your eggs before they are hatched

Things can change…make sure it is a sure thing before you trust it

80.) All bark and no bite

Likes to argue and be aggressive…but not willing to fight

81.) Beat around the bush

Not saying exactly what you mean

82.) Hit the nail on the head

Right answer/ Exactly right

83.) Bury your head in the sand

Not wanting to face the task or problem…just ignores what is going on instead of facing it.

84.) A leopard cannot change its spot

You cannot change who you are.

85.) A penny for your thoughts

Someone wants to know….What are you thinking?

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