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Great Websites!
 More Math Sites!
North Carolina DPI Glossary of Mathematical Terms for Parents and Teachers
Other Glossary Hyperlinks:  (visuals included) (by grade level)
Practice for Math EOG


 Cool Websites!
BAM: Body and Mind
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention posts loads of resources for students on health!

Colgate Kid's World
Interactive website with lessons, activities and games on dental health.

Cough Safe

This link goes to a site that has 3 movies; dental hygiene, washing your hands and how to cough safe.

Kids Health
Interactive site with videos, lessons and games on keeping kids healthy.

My Pyramid

This website is by the United States Department of Agriculture and focuses on the food groups.  Their is information for all ages.

Nutrition Explorations

Learn all about nutrition on this website by the National Dairy Council.

Scrub Club
The Scrub Club® program is the first of its kind – a fun, interactive and educational web site that teaches children the proper way to wash their hands. The site consists of a webisode interactive games, educational music, downloadable activities for kids, educational materials for teachers and program information for parents.
Math Sites
A+ Math

Offers interactive math activities to help students improve their math skills and includes printable worksheets, the Homework Helper and Flashcard Creator.

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Cool Math for Kids
An amusement park of math concepts and resources.

Create a Graph
Learn how to differentiate between graphs and charts.  Create one of five different graphs.

Count On

A variety of math resources from the National Centre of Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics.
Dositey Math Activities
Interactive lessons, exercises, printable worksheets, open-ended questions.

IXL Math
Practice makes perfect, and IXL makes math practice fun. With unlimited math questions in more than 1,000 topics, students improve their skills and confidence and always have new challenges to meet.   ONE OF MY FAVORITES!  Ten minutes free a day!

Math Cats
A land of creative, open-ended math explorations!

Math Fact Cafe

Free math worksheets for elementary school and home use. This includes generators for math drills, flashcards, time, money, and more!

Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies
Provides lessons, puzzles, and worksheets for students, educators, and parents.

The Math League
Offers help on math topics such as fractions, whole numbers, basic algebra, geometry and more.

Math Magician
Practice basic math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Math Playground
Solve It! Math Videos provide problem solving practice for students in grades 3 to 6. Each set contains five multistep word problems with step by step video solutions. Concepts include basic operations, algebraic reasoning, money, fractions, percent, perimeter, area, proportional reasoning, and measurement.

Math Slice provides free math worksheets for first, second, third, fourth, and fifth grade children. Worksheets are also available for middle school and high school students. Topics include Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Money, Tables, Fractions, Sequencing, Rounding, Number Pattern, Percent Grid, Percentage, Place value, Scientific notation, Pre Algebra, Greatest Common Factor, Least Common Multiplier, Ratios & Proportions, Statistics, Area & Perimeter, Polynomials, Spanish words, Counting, Writing Practice, Tell Time, Draw Hands, Elapsed Time, U.S State Capitals, Country Capitals. also provides fun games like math millionaire, math wheel, sudoku, hangman and many more.
This site contains the techniques, tips, and secrets used by master teachers!Check out the huge variety of resources.

Math Dictionary
A Maths Dictionary for Kids is an animated, interactive math dictionary for students which explains over 600 common mathematical terms and math words in simple language.

Visit these great sites for fractions!

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

 Looking for math manipulatives, look no further, they are here!  This site contains resources for grades K-12.


Science Sites
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Language Arts
American Sign Language Browser
Pictures and videos of how to sign.  Broken down by letters and words; it has an extensive dictionary.

BBC Skillwise

Activities on grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, listening and spelling.

Florida Site
Bio Cube
Create a summary of a biography you have read or one you are about to write using this tool.

Free Reading
A high quality, open source, free reading program for grades pK-6.

Giggle Poetry

Read, write, share and rate poetry. Lots of resources and activities!

Into the Book

Into the Book is a reading comprehension resource for K-4 students and teachers. We focus on eight research-based strategies: Using Prior Knowledge, Making Connections, Questioning, Visualizing, Inferring, Summarizing, Evaluating and Synthesizing. Try the online interactive activities, or click below to find out how to get our engaging 15-minute video programs.

Make Beliefs Comix
Students can create, share and print their own stories in a comic strip.

Myths and Legends

The variety of stories in Myths and Legends aims to give inspiration to young people at school and at home to create and publish their own work. The site provides a multitude of tools and opportunities that enable pupils to submit their stories for the enjoyment of a world wide audience, with the prospect of receiving peer review and evaluation.


Lots of resources for reading and writing.  Pages of information for teachers, parents, kids, and even librarians!

Spelling City
Enter you spelling word list and then choose an activity; Test Me, Teach Me or Play a Game.  Great for visual and verbal learners.

Picture Match for Spelling sounds
StoryLine Online

An online streaming video program featuring members of the screen actors guild reading books aloud.  Each book includes accompanying activities and lesson ideas.
Visit Around the World
Memorial Day Websites to visit

California History Online: The Gold's Gold rush Country
The West (PBS)

Oregon Trail


American Centuries

The Memorial Hall museum online from Deerfield, MA.  Learn all about the revolutionary war and what the times were like.

American Memory Museum
American Memory provides free and open access through the Internet to written and spoken words, sound recordings, still and moving images, prints, maps, and sheet music that document the American experience. It is a digital record of American history and creativity. These materials, from the collections of the Library of Congress and other institutions, chronicle historical events, people, places, and ideas that continue to shape America, serving the public as a resource for education and lifelong learning.

Congress for Kids

Learn all about the government of the United States of America.

Fact Finder
Learn about the US Census, get facts about your state and have fun with quiz questions.

The History Channel Videos
Learn about the 50 states in this series of videos from the History channel.

Investigating the First Thanksgiving

Become a history detective and find out what really happened at the first Thanksgiving.

Kids in the House
The Kids in the House Web site is a public service provided by the Office of the Clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives. Our mission is to provide educational and entertaining information about the legislative branch of the United States government to students of all age levels. Topics covered include the role of the U.S. House of Representatives, the legislative process, and House history.

National Geographic for Kids
Learn about lands and cultures from around the world.  There is a large variety of information in different resource types such as interactive games and videos.

The National Museum of American History
Part of the Smithsonian...visit the museum and learn about history through a variety of resources.

Net State

Learn all about the 50 states through various resources and games.

Rader's Geography4Kids
Includes information on physical geography and earth science basics such as the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere.

The Underground Railroad
National Geographic presents the interactive story of the underground railroad.

EC Sites

Virtual Field Trips
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