Skills to Practice Weekly
Language Arts :  Practice sight words--Pre-primer, Primer and number words
Math: Count to 100 by 1s, 5s, and 10s.  
Reading:  Have your child read daily for 10 minutes.   Ask your child to  retell the  story.   Tell the  beginning,  middle, and end.  Who are the characters?  What is the setting?  
 Helpful Tips
 Remember to read to/with your child daily.  Always discuss the story, and ask your child to retell it in their own words.  Ask questions about the story to check for understanding.  Students should be able to identify the characters, setting, and the problem/solution in the story.  They should also be able to retell the story in the correct order.  
 Word practice is a good activity.   Give your child a word and ask them to give you a word with the same beginning sound or a word that rhymes.  
Make a home journal.  Students will be learning to begin a sentence with a capital letter, spell simple words, use correct punctuation at the end of a sentence and to use spaces between words.  Students should be able to read their own writing and illustrate their writing with a picture.   

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