How I differentiate for Students in my room

Differentiation in my classroom

All students are assessed with K-2 assessments, STAR reading results and DIBELS data for literacy. The children are also assessed with AIMSWEB math as well. Students are then ranked in order according to these results from highest performer to the lower performer. My heterogeneous groups are divided by level 1-4. Each group has a person from the highest group, medium high, average and lower group. Activities and jobs are quickly assigned based on the group numbers- for example- one can write, two are reporters, three illustrators and fours are material persons. I know what the ranking level is and assign according to ability. This allows students to all feel successful in their cooperative group while allowing peer interaction to broaden their knowledge base. These rankings change as new data is given, typically every 9 weeks. Students sit in their teams for science and social studies cooperative work and also this helps me assign buddy reading partners. I also use these groups for dialog about many topics throughout the day.

Reading groups are formed and moved according to reviewing all literacy assessments every nine weeks or as needed. This ensures students being challenged at their specific need. Reading groups are homogeneously grouped unless we are buddy reading or comparing our text.

Math is taught by specific topics with horizontal challenges for students to expand their mastery level- example would be all student must master two digit subtraction, but advanced students are given three or four digit subtraction skills to try or lower students may need practice on one digit subtraction until mastery is reached. Students also are encouraged to model their thinking about math to show other classmates. A student understanding regrouping may just do the math problem in a vertical format, whereas a student still learning the skill may need base ten blocks.

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