ABC's of School

The ABC's Of School

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Attendance - Regular school attendance is essential for your child to make the most of his/her education. Please make every effort to have your child at school every day.

Absences - Excessive absences hinder a child's progress. If your child is absent for any reason, please send a note as soon as possible so that we can mark your child's absence as excused. Please include your child's name, date of absence, and the reason for the absence.

Alphabet Knowledge - Students will learn the letters of the alphabet and the sounds that the letters make in Kindergarten. Students will also learn basic phonics skills to apply letter and sound relationships. These skills help to foster independent reading skills.

Arrival - Students may come into the classroom at 8:10 a.m. If they arrive before this time, they are expected to go to the cafeteria and wait. The tardy bell rings at 8:25 a.m.

Birthdays - Birthdays are an important experience for all students. We would love to share in your student's special day. If you would like to bring treats for the class on your child's birthday, you may bring them to our room at 2:30 pm. Please let me know if you are planning to bring in treats for our class. I will be happy to distribute birthday invitations at school as long as the entire class is invited.  *Please remember we have a nut allergy, so snacks need to be nut free.

Book-It-We will start Book-It in October. Each month our goal will be 6 books. After you and your child have read the 6 books, just fill out the Book-It form and send it in. Your child will come home with a Pizza Hut coupon that afternoon.

Caring- We care about your child and want them to succeed. If there are any changes at home that may affect your child's concentration at school, please let us know.

Clothing - Please dress your child in comfortable clothing that is appropriate for learning and hands-on activities. It is a good idea to label all coats and sweaters. Remember to send a complete change of clothes to school with your child in case of an accident. Please remember to resend a set of clothing if your child has to use their spare.

Computers - We visit the school computer lab once during our flight schedule. Students will learn the different parts of the computer. They will also learn the proper way to use and care for the computer.

Classroom Website - You have found our classroom website :) Please check back regularly to keep updated on activities in our room.

Dismissal - Our dismissal times are as follows: 
                 3:15 for 1st Load students, Day Cares, Car Riders
                 3:20 for 2nd Load
                 3:30 for walkers
Students who leave school prior to 3:00pm must be signed out in the office.

Email - I can be reached by email through my school address: This is the fastest and easiest form of communication with me.

Early Dismissal - Several times a year we will dismiss from school early. Please check your child's behavior calendar for scheduled early dismissal days. Our early dismissal time will always be at 1:30.

Field Trips - We hope to go on 1 big field trip during the school year. In advance, permission slips will be sent home informing you of all the details regarding the trip. Please make sure that the necessary information like the Medicaid or insurance policy number is listed. Please return permission slips and money as soon as possible.

Guidance Counselor - Our school guidance counselor is Mrs. Michelle Gurley. She is available for character education and life skills lessons. She is also available to help students on a personal level as needed.



Health - Please notify me of any special circumstances that may affect your child such as medications, death of a loved one, etc. Please let me know of any health concerns your child may have, especially food allergies, seizures, or asthma.

Homework – I will be sending home weekly homework this year. Please help your child with their homework. Please do not complete it for them.

Handwriting - Handwriting is a big part of Kindergarten and First Grade. We teach proper letter formation for the entire alphabet. Please work with your child at home to encourage proper and neat handwriting skills.

Illness - Please do not send your child to school if he/she has a temperature. If your child becomes ill at school, you will be called to come and get your child. We need at least two working phone numbers at all times in order to contact you in case of illness or emergency.

Independent Reading - Young children can read in several ways: picture walking, memorization of their favorite story, or mimicking adults after observing them read. Children need plenty of opportunities to read independently. By giving your children time to read both at school and at home, we are providing them with a literature-rich environment and a love for reading in the years ahead. Remember: For a young child, reading is just not saying the words that are printed on the pages; allow your child to be creative in their own style of "reading".

Independence- This year we will be working to make the students independent. Students will be responsible for putting away their folders, lunch money and personal belongings daily. They will become more independent as the year goes on, both at school and at home. Please help us in promoting this new independence at home.

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Jumping into School - We have PE twice during our flight schedule. Please dress your child appropriately in pants and tennis shoes.


Kindness - Students in our classroom are encouraged and expected to treat all members of our class, as well as others, with kindness and respect. Bothering others, bullying and interrupting learning will not be permitted.


Lunch - We will eat lunch daily from 11:20 – 11:40. Please pack a nutritional lunch for your child. If your child will be purchasing school lunch you may pay daily, weekly or monthly. The price for student lunch is $2.25


Medication - Students needing occasional medication for colds, earaches, and sore throats are to take these types of medications at home if at all possible. This includes medication like cough syrup, Tylenol, cough drops, etc. However if medication MUST be given at school, the following steps must be taken:

1.        The school must be provided with an "Authorization for Medication to be Given During School Hours" form that has been signed by both the parent and the physician.

2.        Medication must be delivered and picked up in person by the parent or guardian --- NOT THE STUDENT.

3.        Medication must be in the original container with the name of the student, the name of the drug, the frequency of administration, and the possible side effects.

4.        If the physician changes the medication the parents are responsible for informing the school by submitting a new form and medication to the school.
Music - Students will have class with the Music teacher, Mrs. Marriner on Thursdays. We will also use music throughout the day in our classroom.

 Notes - Look for important notes from the office and from us to come home in your child's binder. Please read school notes carefully and reply if needed. You may also send notes to me inside your child's folder or place them in the pencil bag. Please be sure to put a date on notes that require your child's transportation to change.


 Office- Our school phone number is 751-7150

Principal - Wendy Hooks
Assistant Principal - Karla Smith



PTA (Parent/Teacher Association) - All parents are encouraged to join the school's PTA. We have a great group of PTA officers that donate their time to help our school. Watch your child's notebook for PTA dates.


Questions - If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. Prime learning time is from 8:30 - 10:30, so any calls to school will be sent directly to voice mail. I will try to return your call as soon as possible. You may also email me at I check my email throughout the day.

Report Cards - Students will receive report cards 4 times each year.

Recess - Your child will have 30 minutes of physical activity each day. Recess will be held outside, as weather permits. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather.

Read, Read, Read - Reading is the most important thing you can do with your child to help them succeed academically. Make sure to set aside at least 15 minutes a day to read a story to your child. As the year progresses, your child will begin to show reading readiness skills. Make sure to listen to them read to you each day as well.

Scholastic - I will send home Scholastic book orders each month for you and your child to look over. Scholastic Book Clubs are a great way to purchase books for your child. If you would like to place an order, you may send the order form back to me with a check or money order payable to Scholastic Book Club or you can order online. To order online visit the Scholastic webpage at Every time you place an order online our room earns a new book!


Transportation - Please be sure that we know how your child will be getting home. We MUST have a note, signed by you and approved by the Assistant Principal, in order for your child to ride another bus. Children are only allowed to leave school property with adults listed on the emergency form. Any adult that picks up a student will be asked to provide a picture ID.

Tardies - Students arriving at school after 8:25 are considered tardy. They must be signed in at the office. Please try to have your child at school on time.


Unique - Each child in our class is unique and wonderful. We will learn about how we are each unique and special, and we celebrate our differences and similarities.



  Visitors - All visitors must sign in at the front office and receive a visitor's pass. Please remember that visitors will not be allowed to come to the room from 8:30 - 10:30.

Volunteers - If you would like to volunteer in the office, library or in our classroom, please let us know.

Writing - Writing will be taught throughout the day in various ways. The first step to growing a good writer is modeling. I will model writing throughout the day during our morning message, shared writing, predictable charts, and integrated lessons. I will also encourage students to share their writing in class as they become more confident. Please keep in mind that writing is a developmental skill, and each child is different. We will work with each student to help them improve their writing skills.

Weather Policies - Please make sure that you are registered with Alert Now, it will alert you to any changes in our school day. You may also find out about school closings and delays, from the news and radio.

eXciting - This year is going to be an exciting time for all of our students. We are looking forward to working with you and your child this year!



You - You are your child's first teacher. You can help your child feel successful this year by being an active part of their learning. Work and read with your child nightly.


Zzz's - Please make sure that your child gets plenty of rest every night. It is recommended that Kindergarten/First Grade students get between 9 and 10 hours of sleep each night. Setting and keeping a consistent bedtime is an important factor in your child's education.


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