Melissa Turnage
 Melissa Turnage


Degrees and Certifications:K-9 Language Arts Science and Social Studies


Melissa Turnage


Grew up in West Virginia and attended Fairmont State College with a four year degree in Education K-9, with 9 hours toward special education degree. I am partial to the lower grades and believe that Kindergarten through second grade are the most crucial years in developing self esteem as well as the love for learning. I enjoy seeing the sparkle in the little child's eyes when they begin to really read!!
I have a wonderful son, Mitchell, that I am very proud of and I treat all my students in my class just like I would want a teacher to treat him.
I enjoy the beach
Enjoy watching the kids lose teeth in first grade and get them back in second grade
Love Jif Peanut Butter on everything
Been teaching 23 years
Grew up in WV