21 Ways to Prepare for Kindergarten

We will spend this school year helping your child prepare for Kindergarten (and every year there after).  The following list gives you ideas of how to help them prepare at home!  
21 Ways to Prepare for Kindergarten

Provide opportunities for rigorous activity everyday.
Establish a bedtime for 8 or more hours of sleep each night.
Make certain your children have all required immunizations and a current health check-up.
Help your children become independent in dressing, eating, and personal hygiene.
Interact frequently with your child by talking, listening, questioning, and positive touching.
Take your children to a variety of places such as the library, park, post office, museums and grocery store.
Provide toys, games and household objects that encourage dramatic play, manipulation and exploration.
Provide opportunities to play with other children.
Teach you children socially acceptable ways to disagree.
Encourage social values such as helpfulness, cooperation, sharing and concern for others.
Demonstrate common expressions of courtesy and praise your children for using them.
Establish reasonable limits for behavior and hold your children to them.
Work often with your children on different skills to encourage small muscle development, eye-hand coordination and creative expression.
Talk with your children about your family, your culture and your values.
Provide opportunities for your children to learn about other cultures in your community.
Encourage work values such as effort, persistence and initiative.
Read to your children everyday.  Talk about the story and pictures.
Expose your children to good literature.  Provide books, magazines and other print materials for your children to handle.
Provide opportunities to play games that recognize and identify numbers.
Provide your children with pens, pencils, markers, and paper. Encourage writing and scribbling.
Be consistent!

Adapted from Getting your Child Ready:  KINDERGARTEN the Adventure! Larry Fields, Ph.D., Laverne Gaither, Linda Hill, Paulette Marshall Janice McLendon

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