2015/2016 Beginning of the Year Letter


Welcome to room 11! My name is Mrs. Grady and I am looking forward to having your student in class. Please feel free to contact me with any comments, questions, or concerns. The best way to reach me is via email at dianegrady@wcps.org or through the school phone at (919)751-7150. I am also available to meet before, during, or after school with an appointment. The following is a little information to help get your student started.


Behavior Management System
Every day students begin on green. Green means “Ready to Learn”. Green is good. Students can move up to blue or purple if they are especially helpful to other students or adults. Students can also move down to yellow. Yellow means “Think About It”.  Moving to yellow serves to remind students to make better choices.  If a student does start to make better choices they can move back up to green or even higher.  If a student continues to make poor choices, the student can move down to red.  Red means “Teacher's Choice”. Teacher's Choice may include silent lunch, walking at recess, calling home, or going to the office. Students can move off of red if they decide to make better choices.  The system is designed to encourage positive behavior. Students begin on green each day regardless of where they ended the previous day.  Students behavior is marked on their assignment book which goes home nightly.



Students are expected to complete all of their homework each night. We will check it as a class each day. If students do not do part or all of their homework, they will record the missed assignment(s) in the “Missing Homework” notebook. Students will need to complete the assignment by the next day. Once it is completed, they may put a check by the assignment in the “Missing Homework” notebook. For every three assignments, that students do not complete, they will loose two points from their participation grade in that particular subject. Unless, I announce that a homework assignment is for a grade, students will get full credit for each assignment even if there are mistakes.


Class work

Students are expected to try their best at all times and to complete their class work assignments. Students will be required to take home any class work that is not completed by Friday. They are expected to turn it in the following Monday. If the work is not turned in, they will need to document it in the “Missing Homework” notebook. Due to time and copy restraints, extra copies of assignments cannot be provided. Students are responsible for keeping up with their own work.


Parent Meetings

I am happy to meet with parents at a mutually arranged time. There is bell-to-bell learning in room 11. Therefore, I cannot do impromptu meetings when students are arriving for the day or being dismissed for the afternoon. 


Arrival/ Dismissal

Please allow students to enter and exit the building through the doors by the 3rd/ 4th grade playground WITHOUT a parent, grandparent, sibling, etc. We want to encourage a little independence on the part of our third graders. Students who arrive between 8:00 and 8:10 should report to the cafeteria. The classroom door does not open until 8:10.


Prime Time Learning

8:25 – 10:45 is considered prime learning time but we need the whole day every day. So, please try to have students in school all day everyday. The Common Core third grade curriculum is wonderful! The material is interesting and challenging. Students need time to process the information and explore new concepts. This can only happen if students are present.


Beginning in third grade, students receive numeric grades on their report cards. The grading scale is as follows:

A (100-90)            B (89-80)            C (79-70)            D (69-60)            F (59 and below) 

Graded papers will go home weekly or biweekly in their graded papers’ folder. Please sign the enclosed sheet and RETURN ALL PAPERS IN THE FOLDER TO SCHOOL. I will send the papers home at the end of the year but I do need to keep the papers until then.



We will take a short snack break outside every morning. Please send healthy snacks. No candy, gum, or drinks are permitted. 



You are welcome to send treats in for birthdays. Please let me know a couple of days in advance. The treats can be shared during our assigned lunchtime or during snack so that learning time is protected.


Class Website

Our class website is located on the Meadow Lane site under class websites. I typically update it weekly. Spelling and homework assignments are NOT posted there. Students are responsible for copying their own spelling and homework. General class information is posted.



Email is an excellent way to reach me. I cannot respond while instruction is taking place. I typically respond prior to 8:00am, between the hours of 3:45 to 5:30 pm, and whenever possible while students are at their specials. You can usually reach me this way Monday through Friday.  I reserve Saturdays and Sundays for my own family.


Remind 101

I will be using Remind 101 this year. It allows me to send class wide texts to parents.   Further information about this will be provided at Open House.



ScreenChomp allows me to make video demonstrations that I can send to you via email. I use this to help explain the math that students are learning. The demonstrations are almost always under two or three minutes. If you ever have a hard time with a math assignment or a math topic, please send me an email and I will do my best to send out a ScreenChomp video.  Please do NOT sit there and get frustrated by the work. Email me! I am here to help! You may be wondering why ScreenChomp might be necessary for third grade math - students are taught things differently than we were taught.


I look forward to working with your children and having a wonderful year! Thank you in advance for your help and support!


Mrs. Grady 




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