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*** Information regarding the thirdgrade curriculum and testing schedule will be discussed during ParentNight….more information is forthcoming.




Monday Art 1:40-2:25           Snack Time/AM Recess  10:15-10:35

TuesdayP.E. 1:40-2:25           Lunch11:45-12:05

WednesdayMusic 1:40-2:25         PM Recess12:10-12:30

ThursdayP.E. 1:40-2:25

FridayComputer Lab 1:40-2:25




Mrs. Wallace’s Classroom


All About Mrs. Wallace

 Father retired in Hampton Va. from the Air Force.

  • Moved to Goldsboro in 1990 when husband was stationed at SJAB. He retired in October 2001.
  • I have lived in various places such as Lincoln Nebraska, Kentucky, New Jersey, Mtn. Home Idaho, Germany, Kansas, and North Carolina.
  • Teacher assistant for 17 years at Meadow Lane School.
  • Received my BA from East Carolina University in Elementary Education.
  • 8 years taught in 2nd grade and first year in 3rd grade at Meadow Lane.
  • Mother of 2 daughters, our eldest graduated from UNCG,  left the United States to teach English in Abu Dhabi for 1 year, enrolled in Master’s Program at University of Maryland.  
  • Our youngest lives in Durham and went to school at Duke. Avid Blue Devil fan!
  • Favorite television shows-Young and the Restless, HGTV/ DIY, Devious Maids, Rizzoli/Isles, and Hawaii Five-O.(DVRed to view during the weekend)
  • Proud grandmother aka “Nana” to Malachai, who is 4 years old.
  • Favorite color-Red
  • Favorite collectable- Apples
  • I enjoy listening to all types of music. 


Allstudents are expected to follow my rules at all times.

Therules are as followed:

·        Follow directions thefirst time they are given.

·        Sit quietly, raiseyour hand, and wait to be called on.

·        Keep hands and feet toyourself.

·        Use your inside voice.

·        Show respect at alltimes.

·        Take pride in yourwork.

 ·        Homework

Studentswill write their own homework assignment down and I will initial it. Thestudents are showing accountability for their assignments and have no excusefor not doing it.

***Allhomework will be done, unless there is a serious emergency. I will need a notefrom you stating why not.

Incompletehomework will be completed in class the following day.

 ·        Completes classworkassignments on time.

·        Eats healthy

·        Gets plenty of restduring the school week.

·        More time reading andlimited amount of time on video games and television.

 Classroommanagement: Be a Top Apple

·        All worms start out onthe green apple.

3 verbalwarnings (3 strikes) move worm to yellow.

4thwarning- move worm to red.  

 Studentswill be rewarded for their positive behavior by coloring the section green ontheir homework chart under behavior, as well as a sticker on the chart insidetheir class work folder. When students have accumulated 10 stickers, they willbe able to go to the treat box or some other incentive.


Forunacceptable behavior students will color the section yellow or red on theirhomework chart. If the color is red there will be a written explanation.

 Disruptivebehavior is usually handled within the classroom by me. However if contactingparents/guardians does not get the desired results than I will have to get theadministration involved.

**I knowit gets redundant but pleasesign your child’s behaviorchart every day. It sends a strong message to your child that a positiveattitude and acceptable behavior is necessary in order to be successful inschool.


·        If your child has beensick, a note MUSTbe written stating why he/she was absent. Please include the date(s) in casethere is an issue with tardiness or absences.


***Please update phone numbers if there are any



·        Snack time will be10:15 daily and will usually be eaten outside.


·        Your child will beresponsible for handling his/her own lunch money. I would recommend paying forlunches in advance, weekly or monthly by cash or check. Another option ispaying on-line at WCPS website. No outside food (McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Subway,Zaxby’s, etc.) is permitted in the cafeteria but can be eaten in thecourtyard. 

 PrimeTime Learning & Intervention Block:

·        Prime Time Learning isfrom 8:30-10:30.

·        Intervention Block isfrom 12:50-1:35.

·        Please try to scheduleall appointments after 1:35.

 Arrivaland Departures:

·        Early arrivals: 7:50-8:10MUST go to the cafeteria.

·        On-time Arrivals:8:10-8:15 reports to class or breakfast.

·        Late Arrivals: 8:25will be sent to the office

  (3 tardiness = 1 absent)


·        Early Departures:before 3:15 p.m. your child must be signed out at the office. However keep inmind more than 3 early departures in a week, will result in a report being sentto Mrs. Wellington-Whichard.

·        Please send a noteletting me know he/she will be leaving

        early and if he/she will be returning.This allows your 

        child to be ready when you arrive. 


·        Regular Departures:3:20-3:30

·        Late Departure: 3:30pm and later are recorded to social worker.


·        Types of Departures:It is imperative your child know his/her bus number. Teachers will beresponsible for getting bus riders and car riders to the designated areas.


·        Walkers will be pickedup outside the third grade hall or

 walk to their destinations such as the basehousing gate. Bike riders will be dismissed with the walkers. 




·        If your child wants toinvite children to his/her birthday party, every student needs to be invited. Iwill put the invitations in their folders at the end of the day. By doing itthis way, there are no hurt feelings because he/she was not invited.


·        If your child wouldlike to have a classroom party, please notify me in advance. We would be morethan happy to celebrate your child’s birthday in school.    



·        I will notify certainparents to help with a particular party, in that way the same parents will notbe asked to contribute over and over again.  


At-HomeReading logs

·        Reading Logs will besent home monthly and turned in the last day of the month. All areas of theform will need to be filled out by you or your child, however the last columnrequires parent or guardian initials. All students are expected to participate,not only does it exposed your child to vocabulary but should improve his/herfluency and comprehension.


·        If your child’s homelibrary is lacking, you will have a chance to order interesting books to haveat home. Book orders will be sent home often. You can order on line with myclass activation code: HQRVJ




Mrs.Wallace’s Contact Information:


  • If you send a note with your child rest assured it will be read and answered in a timely manner; then filed under the child’s name in a binder on my desk.


  • My E-mail address is
  •  Call the school and leave a message on my voice mail. EXT. 3142
  • I will try to return your call in a timely manner. When I’m in “the zone” my focus is on my students and teaching them. J   





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